Past News and Events

6th Annual Auction Report

June 23rd we hosted our 6th Annual Auction for Africa at the San Mateo Elks Lodge to benefit the people of Tanzania .
We were blessed to have our devoted and committed supporters attend our event as well as having the opportunity to welcome new supporters. We hope we were able to convey to them the work we do amongst the poor in Tanzania.


Our goal this year was to promote the building of a Lekrumuni dispensary for the Maasai community. People were very receptive to our cause and helped us get a head start with that fundraising. Our donors raised $12,000 of our $25,000 goal…the cup is half  FULL! Our humble “Asanteni!”


We shall not forget as well, our commitment to our students/scholarship program. Education is key to opening doors to the future. Each year we marvel at the support we are given in promoting this cause. The additional $20,000 raised at the event will be used for the scholarship program and to stock the pharmacies of the the 3 health centers and the dispensary T.H.E. Mission helps support.


Our success is measured by the generosity of our donors and we are grateful to each and everyone of you who attended our event. We couldn’t have done it without you.


We have been given the opportunity to expand our outreach by hosting another fundraiser in New York, our first ever on the East Coast.
We are extending the invitation to you, our supporters. Come and journey with us on January 26th 2013, in this life changing event.


by Jehane Jones