Tanzanian Education

Education is compulsory for 7 years and 80% of Tanzania’s children attend primary school. The remaining 20% are truant becausechildren are needed at home to…

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With Tanzanian families having an average of 5 children, many families cannot afford the cost of the required uniforms and school supplies (pencils/pens and notebooks) to send all their children to school.

THE Mission has a special supportive relationship with one primary school, Niruvande, a school for orphans.

Secondary school enrollment is about 4.6% of age-eligible students. Secondary school includes a lower A level (4yrs) and upper O level (2yrs) and a national exam must be passed to progress from A to O levels. Government funded secondary schools are poor, with no textbooks, libraries or science labs…a “chalk and talk”  rote form of education. Most are day schools with no study periods. In contrast, well equipped private schools provide a higher quality of education with higher percentages of exam passing rates. The vast majority of THE Mission scholarship students attend private boarding secondary schools.photocrati gallery


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