About Us


THE Mission, Tanzania Health and Education Mission,

is a California non-profit, charitable organization* established in 2007 in order to support the local health clinics and schools in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Our mission is to deliver, directly to the people of Tanzania, goods and services to improve their health and education.The health services include providing medical supplies and equipment to three dispensaries and one health center, purchasing medications to assist people who cannot afford to pay for the medications, and helping to train health professionals to work in the local clinics.  The educational services include purchasing and delivering directly to the schools, school supplies including science and math materials and some athletic equipment, and visiting the students in the classrooms.  We also sponsor the most financially needy students in their education and sponsor technical training for health workers in the clinics.  We have participated in community health education relating to preventable illness and disease, targeting specific preventive health care projects such as the mosquito bed nets for the prevention of malaria.

It is the plan of THE Mission to send a self-paying delegation of founder and volunteers to Tanzania each year to deliver supplies and resources, to work with the people to continue to assess their needs and priorities, and to experience the tremendous beauty of the people and the land of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

99.8% of all money donated to THE Mission is used for mission projects. We do pay a professional to do our Tax Return and there are banking expenses.

We believe it is important to travel to Tanzania to personally deliver supplies and to create direct relationships with the providers of health and education services in order to make our work most effective.  This provides accountability and ensures that 99.8% of our donated funds and 100% of our supplies and services will be delivered to Tanzania’s poorest of the poor people as intended.

*We have received our California tax-exempt status and our IRS 501(c)(3) status.