“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  M Gandhi

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    Tanzania                   Health                     Education

  …is one of the poorest                Tanzania has 240 hospitals and        About 80% of Tanzanian children

    countries in the world.              687 health centers for a popula-                   attend primary school,

   >80% of the population             tion equal to that of California.                       24% attend the

are subsistence farmers who          The vast majority of health care                 secondary schools and

  live on <$2.00/day. These              is provided by the 5,400                          <1%  go on for higher

households have little money          dispensaries which get very                    education or to trade

for medications or children’s             little government support for                     schools. Why?

            education.                       drugs or supplies.    Learn more…                  Learn more…


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